Educational inclusion within the framework of the 21st century is directed towards respect and recognition of difference, valuing the diversity of all students and all members who are part of the educational community. 

Although educational inclusion has been a topic approached from theory and practice at the global level, it is still a construction in progress.

Thus, the sustainable learning is relevant to strengthening the process of teaching and learning in the Ecuadorian context.

Sustainable learning recognizes the essence of every citizen of the present and future that is evolving in space of constant changes, allowing them to adapt and standing out from the strengthening of their capacities to face long- term challenges.

Look around.

All look, think and behave differently. 

Even when you find friends of kindred ideas, there will be differences. That's the beauty of a crucible like the University of Melbourne: Different people from different walks of life. Feel proud of what you are and embrace those around you. (Universidad de Melbourne)

Iñaquito N37-265 y Villalengua, Quito - Ecuador.

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